Overview of our work

INNOWIND is an independent advisory partner for designing, developing, constructing and optimizing wind turbines. The industrial partners benefit from our long-time experience with the design of gearless machines as well as from our network of competent partners and the latest results of our research projects. 

Regarding standards and guidelines, we always keep up to date and are also able to act in an advisory capacity when it comes to certification.

Our competencies and skills are as follows:

•    Design of wind turbines

•    Design of drive trains and layout of high pole synchronous generators

•    Design of generator cooling systems

•    Load calculations

•    Design and calculation of components in the field of mechanical engineering

•    Endurance calculation of elements in the field of mechanical engineering

•    Weight optimization of cast parts 

•    Administrative assistance for the construction and erection of prototypes.

•    Assistance when it comes to choosing adequate suppliers and further technical support

•    Preparation of production documents

•    Furnishing of expert opinions